We believe students come to UVA for a positive, educational, life-building experience

As owner/managers of Carrollton Terrace and as parents of college students ourselves, we look at our community and residents differently than most apartments. We are sensitive to the needs students might have living on their own for the first time. We approach Carrollton Terrace with the following long term identity and vision:

key• Our focus at Carrollton Terrace is to provide a supportive student environment.

• Our proximity to UVA is ideal. Carrollton Terrace is within a few steps of the UVA campus.

• Carrollton Terrace is free from expensive, on-site distractions. We provide an atmosphere where students enjoy convenience, the latest technological amenities and clean, well maintained, large, modern living spaces where it’s easy to focus on student goals.

At UVA, student life can be filled with many high pressure demands. A quiet, safe, peaceful living atmosphere that feels like home may be the the most valuable amenity we can provide.